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Aging Gracefully!

Aging Gracefully!

Most of us don’t look forward to getting old; we fear the loss of physical strength, as well as our looks and our ability to bounce back from setbacks or shocks. We also worry about losing independence, or our sense of self-worth in what is a youth-obsessed society. The truth is, though, that people of all ages – from teenagers to the very old – can see when someone is trying too hard to cling to youth, and it’s not a good look. On the other hand, when someone embraces the passing of the years – after all, the alternative isn’t great – this is met with warmth and respect from everyone. If you’re at a certain age, how can you get this vibe? It’s easy if you try – just don’t try too hard, it’s all about grace, remember.

Live well
Only around 25% of aging is down to genes, the rest is lifestyle. If you’ve always eaten well, exercised and avoided alcohol and cigarettes, great. If not, then start now, as it’s never too late! Work your brain
It’s what’s inside that counts, so make sure you stay mentally sharp. Spend time with people of different ages, read new books, watch subtitled films, join a debating society and keep abreast of new political and cultural trends.

Enjoy your job
Having a job you love is a huge part of staying engaged and enthusiastic, as well as being fun. If you don’t like your job, do something about it – it’s never too late.

Work your body

Losing muscle mass is very aging – you shrink, you can gain weight and you don’t get the endorphin boost of a good workout. You don’t have to take up marathons, but a brisk stroll or jog in a park, or a yoga or Pilates class will work wonders for you physically and mentally.  Facebookmail



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