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Aromatherapy More Powerful Than You Think

Dropper With Amber Bottle and Green BackgroundWhen some people hear the word aromatherapy, they often associate it with some alternative, fringe treatment at best or worse, some form of misguided quackery for the gullible.

It may surprise many, that Aromatherapy, while having been around for thousands of years and practiced by the royalty of Ancient Egypt and used by such notables as the wise men who visited baby Jesus, is actually based on sound scientific research and findings.

Vindicated by Science

Like many things that had ancient roots, with claims of outstanding properties that were later vindicated by science, Aromatherapy stands proudly on a plethora of credible research and impressive results.

The medical profession took serious notice of the properties of essential oils from as early as 1919, when A French chemist discovered by accident the healing properties of English Lavender after a laboratory experiment resulted in an explosion that caused gas gangrene. The lavender that he applied stopped the gasification and the chemist was so impressed by his speedy recovery, that he dedicated the rest of his life to researching essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

For the uninformed, essential oils are the purist liquid extract taken from a single botanical source and are very potent, in fact an oil extract can be up to 70 times stronger than the plant it is taken from and each essential oil has very specific and shared properties with a wide range of therapeutic applications.

All essential oils for instance have antiseptic properties and until World War II, were used as natural disinfectants for wounds and to sterilize surgical equipment. Since then the scientific and medical community have discovered more and more potent and effective remedial properties of this age-old source of nature’s medicine.

Of course ancient Chinese and Indigenous peoples around the world, such as North American Indians and Australian Aboriginals have know for centuries what Western researchers have only relatively recently discovered.

It is high time for the modern masses to benefit from the marvelous natural properties of these very powerful extracts.

More than a Smell

Aroma Therapy is more than a therapy just using aroma, it is about the naturally occurring chemical constituents of essential oils and their powerful effect on the mind and body.

The first medical publication on Aromatherapy, Aromatherapie was published in 1937 by Jean Valnet, MD and is replete with case studies citing numerous references academic material. Further studies by the medical and academic world have produced exhaustive applications and have developed classifications of essential oils into various clinical departments including the following;

Surgery, radiology, dermatology, gynecology, general medicine, psychiatry, spa treatment, physiotherapy, sports and cosmetics.

Today there is a wealth of information and enormous evidence that suggests that much of the medicine of the future could well be essential oil based. Either way, it would be remiss to ignore thousands of year’s worth of experience and anecdotal evidence that has now been thoroughly validated by the Scientific and medical communities.

Enhance Your Massage with Aromatherapy!

Next time you have a massage, why not explore enhancing your treatment with aromatherapy?

If you have aches and pains that wont seem to go away, a blend of Rosemary & Basil could work wonders. Or perhaps you suffer from insomnia, which has impact on your entire life; Sandalwood, Lavender& Neroli may change everything for you. If you are plagued by PMT as so many women are, then a massage with Clary Sage and Fennel essential oils may provide a more comfortable monthly experience for you.

These are just a few of the very many tried and proven applications of essential oils as used in an aromatherapy massage, ask your Massage Central therapist if there is a blend to suit your needs and give it a try.

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