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Your Body Is Like A Car; It Needs Regular Maintenance!

Your Body Is Like A Car It Needs Regular MaintenanceMost people understand that if they want their car to keep working properly, they have to look after it. This means taking it in for regular services, checking the oil and water, changing the tyres, cleaning the air filter and so on. Occasionally some people forget to do some of these things and their car breaks down. Maybe it over heats or worse still the engine seizes! We all understand the relationship between poor maintenance of our vehicle and the the associated problems that can eventuate. In really extreme cases, a poorly maintained car can be a death trap or accident waiting to happen; the breaks give way at a crucial intersection or the steering wheel just wont take you in the direction you want it to go and accidents happen.

” Accidents” happen with our bodies too-but many of those accidents, like with our car can be prevented. Perhaps you know someone who has had a knee replacement or slipped disc in their back or maybe you have experienced nagging pain when routinely moving, that just wont seem to go away.

We all know the saying “that prevention is better than cure” and this can be no more important than when it comes to our bodies. Unlike cars we can’t go to the panel shop or Car Yard to get a new one-sure we could have some plastic surgery or a hip replacement, but if our bodies are irreparably damaged or worn out to the point of no repair, our choices are very limited and our whole life will be effected as a consequence.

Our bodies are more precious than any material possession and that includes cars, houses, jewelry or lifestyle toys and yet we treat our bodies with the same level of contempt that we would treat an old forgotten piece of rag clothing.

Not only is our body our primary vehicle for the duration of our entire life carrying us everywhere we go, it is also our primary means to achieve everything practical including producing an income, feeding ourselves, enjoying interaction with others and intimacy with those we love-if any or all of these freedoms and privileges were taken away from us we would certainly experience tremendous loss and incredible opposition to our very existence.

One common excuse for the neglect of a car maybe the lack of time or perhaps money-but our bodies can ill afford the same excuses. You might not be able to afford the most luxurious lifestyle and health care that money can buy-but you certainly cannot afford to let your body deteriorate to a point of no return, especially when a little prevention could easily have been enough to get you through life’s long journey.

Massage is an affordable maintenance regime that will treat problem areas of your body, increase life giving and restorative blood circulation and prevent a litany of problems. Remedial Massage is more than just a wax and polish, it is a full body treatment that will aid mobility, promote healing, reduce fibrotic joint issues, stimulate your immune system, add years to your flexibility and contribute significantly to your entire quality of life.

A monthly massage regime with a qualified professional remedial massage therapist is more important than a hair appointment, more important than the clothes you wear and more important than the car that you drive; schedule your regular therapeutic massage today-don’t wait till all the warning lights are flashing, it may just save your life!

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