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How Massage Works

Massage therapyMassage Central provides a range therapeutic massage and offer an in-room air conditioned service for your convenience. Our services include Sports Massage, Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage and a firm Relaxation Massage. – Look After Your Body! Many people believe that massage is just a holiday luxury, however I can assure you that it is an essential item in our tool box to assist us in keeping our bodies healthy, strong, flexible with a good range of motion and much much more. Click here to see the benefits of massage.

Massage Central Likens Massage To Looking After Our Car!

Most of us use our car numerous times a day. Some of us to get the family from A to B. Others need our cars to enable us to carry out our business. Our car offers us protection from the elements such as the sun, rain, debris from the road and hopefully other vehicles. It transports us from place to place in relative comfort. Cars are an essential item in our lives today and most of us like to take care of this asset. If we are responsible owners we regularly get the engine serviced, get the brakes checked, change the oil and replace our worn out tyres and sometimes have a need to get the panel work seen to. These are all things that we see to as a matter of necessity so that we can carry doing our business hassle free of car issue. When it comes to our bodies we seem to have a huge capacity to take it for granted and many of us revert to ‘she’ll be right mate’. Many of us punish our bodies as if it’s our worst enemy. We use and abuse our limbs as though they were tools in the workshop with no regard for the wear and tear they are enduring, We ignore the warning signs of pain and keeping on pushing through hoping that it will go away on its own without any servicing from us. Not only do we abuse our worn out bodies during the course of our daily activities such as driving, sitting all day, bending, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling and contorting our bodies into all types of positions to enable us to achieve a result we are after but we then go on to punish our bodies even more when many of us undertake our physical activities such as walking, swimming, golf, tennis, cycling, running and a myriad of many other enjoyable pastimes without any consideration for what our body is going through i.e. lack of stretching etc. Why is then that we give more consideration to our car to ensure that all the joints and hinges are in good working other and maintained to a high safely standard than we give to our most valuable asset – our body, our health and our well being? Why do we allow our bodies to become worn down and allow it to operate at below par and compensate for lack of proper movement such as turning our whole body to look behind us rather than turning just our head, neck and shoulders? We believe its lack of education in the alternative health arena and that many people would prefer pop a pain killer rather than taking time out to think about an alternative course of treatment. There is the misconception held by many that massage is only to have when on holiday and that massage is a luxury. Massage is medicinal…it is one of the keys to good health and wellbeing. Massage is essential and not a luxury.

Our Muscles Don’t Work In Isolation

Unfortunately our muscles do not work in isolation. When one muscles become tight it then pulls on another muscles which in turn pulls on another causing the domino effect of pulled muscles eventually pulling on the tendons and joints. Muscles Don’t Work In Isolation From One Another! Many of us know this feeling of tight muscles, do absolutely nothing about it and in fact get used to the feeling so that then becomes normal until we pull, rip or strain a muscle. Just like those who ignore the wear and tear on their car often resulting in break down or an accident as a result of neglect. Massage is for everyone… from babies to the elderly. For the active and inactive alike. Massage has been around for thousands of years and is still as effective today was it was before Western doctors belittled the benefits, however today massage is undergoing a large revival in the medical profession as more and more doctors are willing to accept that not every ailment needs a pill. Our Goal Our goal with every client no matter how many times we have massaged them is to always work with you and not just on you” and so encourage you today to treat your body with as much care and attention as you give your well maintained car.

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