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About Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema and Massage – The Basic Facts

About Lymphoedema - 1The human body’s lymphatic system is a wonderful thing. It runs throughout the body, parallel to the veins and works continuously to remove to remove all kinds of unwanted substances from the body – toxins, excess fluids, bacteria and excess proteins. Because it is so crucial to normal body function when the lymphatic system is not working properly its not a good thing. When the lymph nodes or lymph pathways are insufficient, have been damaged or even removed after surgery then lymph fluid cannot make its way through the body in the way it should. This can result in swollen, painful tissue, the immune system can become overwhelmed with excess bacteria, increasing the risk of infection and excess tissue growth – called fibrosis – can occur, limiting movement. Lymphoedema can be treated and often a part of that treatment is lymphatic drainage massage. This special massage technique is designed to stimulate the nearby lymphatic channels in order to help the fluid trapped in the affected area to flow freely again, reliving many of the worst symptoms of lymphoedema.

Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Safe for All Lymphoedema Patients?

About Lymphoedema - 2If a patient has had recently surgery that has affected the lymph nodes in some way then lymphatic drainage massage may not be advisable and it is always wisest to receive clearance from your doctor before you begin a massage treatment. Once a patient is given the OK Lymphatic Drainage used as a part of a complete treatment plan can be very effective. It is very important that you choose a massage therapist who is well trained in the specific art of lymphatic drainage massage. Louise of Massage Central is trained in advanced lymphoedema treatment, which is a more extensive level of treatment than just lymphatic drainage. We happily accept referrals from the medical profession for lymphoedema treatment and are able to offer full medical rebates for the treatments.
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