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Massage for Pain Relief

Massage for pain relief. Surprisingly there are many reasons why people come to Massage Central for a massage. The vast majority initially come to us because they have some ongoing or acute pain or discomfort. They may have woke up one morning with a stiff and very sore neck or a spasm in their lower back that is rendering them almost unable to move or they have strained a muscle while at the gym, at work or while doing a sporting activity. Others come to us because they used to have a lot of aches and pains and a lot less mobility in their bodies, but they discovered that a regular massage helps to dramatically reduce the pain, improve their mobility and generally improve the quality of their life.


Another category of people come in because they are knee deep in stress, maybe they have recently lost their job, a loved one or are just finding the rigours of life overwhelming and they simply need a good ole relaxation massage, the kind that whiles aways all of life’s worries and cares.

By the way stress often leads to physical and mental illness as well, so people will frequently not only feel much better physically after a massage, but they will generally leave in a far greater state of mind-almost zen like, with happy hormones flooding their entire body.

The chances are that no matter what physical or mental state you find yourself in, you will greatly benefit. Even the fittest, healthiest and most calm people who come for a massage get great benefit and will often tell you that they incorporate massage as part of their regular wellness routine to stay that way.

The funny thing is though, a number of people who have directly experienced the immense benefits of massage, its pain freeing and rejuvenating effects, will forget about their massage experience and let time slip away and forget to keep massage up, and slowly but surely their bodies and often their minds slip down the slippery slope of dis-ease again or dis-comfort.

Our happiest and most satisfied clients are those that make massage a regular part of their lives. They invest in the concept of maintaining good health by having a monthly or fortnightly massage and focus on the principle of prevention is better than cure. The routine of massage is an investment in yourself, an investment that will pay immense dividends over the long term. We would love to chat to you about making massage a high priority in your wellness journey.






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