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Massage – Get Your Knots Out!

How many of us just accept limited body movement? How many of us feel that it is ‘normal’ to be unable to swivel our heads past our shoulders or have to turn our entire bodies rather than the appropriate body part to carry out a routine activity? How many of us use the excuse of ‘aging’ for our body’s lack of suppleness?

To maintain a healthy, mobile and supple body a regular massage regime is vital from weekly, fortnightly to monthly sessions (no matter what the age or condition of the body).

Massage is one of the most effective methods of relaxing tightly bound muscles often the cause of limited mobility. Massage benefits also extends to stress relief by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, encouraging circulation, and increasing endorphins and lymphatic flow which all supports the body’s immune system.

Many people find that massage alleviates discomfort caused by bulging disks, assists the release of strained muscles and ligaments, , reduces muscle spasms to name but a few benefits and generally promotes a healthier life and pain-free body.

Massage is not a self indulgent luxury to be enjoyed only while on holiday, but an important element of an ongoing wellness routine and balanced lifestyle.

Professional therapist Louise O’Brien provides specialist, qualified massage services in rooms or via her Massage Central mobile service. Many Massage Central clients have reported relief from years of pain and suffering.

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