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How is Your Body Feeling?

Written by: Louise O'Brien Date of published: .

The display panel on a car or virtually any high tech machine notifies the user of how the machine is tracking. It lets us know how much fuel or energy is left inside, it tells us if the machine is too hot or too cold, it lets us know of any potential dangers and will give alarms and warning lights if something has gone Likewise your body is just like a display panel. It will tell you when you are tired or running low on energy. If your skin is really dry, you probably need water. Pain also is like your warning lights or alarms, they tell you when a muscle is cramping or has been restricted or when a nerve is impinged. Joint pain will warn of mechanical issues and so on. Your range of movement is another indicator on the display panel-if you are finding it difficult to bend over or move from one side to another or just difficult moving generally then there can be any number of underlying issues.   The good news is that a regular massage can deal with so many underlying issues and retune your body to optimum. We can’t say that massage will fix every problem, but a regular massage can ofter manage and reduce pain, improve circulation, enhance your range of movement and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. If you haven’t been coming in for a regular massage or if you just haven’t had a massage for a while, we would love to work out a plan to help you fine tune your body and get the best mileage out of it possible!    


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