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Overcoming Insomnia

Written by: Louise O'Brien Date of published: .

restless sleep or insomnia           Have you ever found yourself tossing and turning in bed without being able to sleep? There are a number of approaches people with insomnia can use, however one of the most effective treatments is regular relaxation massage incorporating magnesium therapy. The benefits that a massage from Massage Central in Caloundra are well attested to by the hundreds of testimonials and the effects of a relaxation massage in combination with the clinically proven use of magnesium-an essential mineral our body needs to relax the muscles and improve sleep, are tremendous.     It should not be considered normal to go to bed and not be able to sleep thoroughly. This is often due to stress. The affects of stress on your body and mind can be immense and this coupled with mineral deficiency, especially magnesium, can have a compounding and dramatic effect on the quality of your sleep and indeed your whole life. The muscles in your body become tight and stiff and they can continue to stay this way even after the stress factors are gone. Sometimes stress creeps up on us and in other occasions it can hit us like a ton of bricks through a dramatic change of circumstances –either way it is important to counter the impact stress has upon our lives or more serious conditions can develop, including chronic insomnia, a diminished immune system, cardiovascular disease or in extreme cases heart attack or stroke.     One of the many benefits of a relaxation massage is that it helps with the relaxation of the muscles, promotes lengthening of soft tissue, reduces aches and pain, and stimulates serotonin and melatonin-hormones that are essential for sleep and wellbeing.   A regular relaxation massage from Massage Central in Caloundra with magnesium may well change your life. Improved sleep has a profound impact on our physical and metal wellbeing and may well reduce your risk of more serious mental and physical complications. The good news is that you will not only function more normally but also will feel more energetic and be able to handle on going stress more readily.                       content sleep, overcoming Insomnia                 It would be great if you had the possibility to remove all the stressors from your life altogether, however, it is not that easy to quit your job or cut out all of life’s pressures-even the wealthiest of people face relationship problems, health issues and circumstances beyond their control.  Instead learning to cope with stress is more practical and a simple and effective approach would be to make a regular appointment for a relaxation massage in combination with magnesium. Think of it as your chance to start your life afresh. Your body will feel more relaxed, your muscles more mobile, your joints more flexible and the anxiety reduced if not removed. With improved sleep and more internal coping mechanisms, your life will be reenergised and more meaningful!         Relaxation massage                                           Try an Introductory massage from Massage Central and see for your self!






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