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Reasons for Back Ache

Reasons for Back Ache

There are many reasons for back ache

Reasons for back ache range from medical conditions such as lordosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, muscular dystrophy, muscles that are contracted due to poor posture or activities which in turn pull on other muscles. These conditions are just a few of the causes of backache.
  • Lordosis is the inward curving of the lumber region of the spine and may be known as swayback or saddle back.
  • Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine and can range from mild to very severe.
  • Kyphosis is an outward curvature of the upper spine and causes the hunchback appearance.
  • Muscular Dystrophy is the wasting away of muscle and can be caused by many reason.
  • Poor Posture can also be caused for many reasons however is often due to long hours sitting at workstations and weak muscles.
The Mayo Clinic has a wealth of knowledge on the above conditions. For further readings go to and type in their search area the condition you are interested in. Regardless of the reason backache can be immensely debilitating and left without treatment can cause chronic pain, which in turn can affect other parts of our body and also our mental wellbeing.

Reasons for back ache – What can you do to ease your back ache?

There are a number of treatments for backache depending on the cause ranging from holistic approaches to pharmaceutical medicine. I would certainly recommend that a holistic approach is the first option if possible to ease pain and discomfort such as:
  • Stretching – when muscles contract due to injury or exercise they will often remain in the contracted position. Stretching will allow the muscle to lengthen thereby easing pulling on the skeletal system.
  • Natural therapies also work along the same principle as stretching and good examples are massage, cupping and myofascial release all serve to ease and relax the muscles.
  • Regular functional movement exercises can also aid in correcting poor posture related to back ache and it has been scientifically proven that regular well executed exercise can ease if not cure back ache.
Take time to stretch, have a monthly physical treatment such as a massage, and do regular exercise to strengthen and condition the muscles. All things being equal your body is only as good to you as you are to it. Book online at for a good therapeutic massage.  Facebookmail




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