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See what clients have been saying about their treatments with Massage Central.

For years I’ve avoided massages.  My previous experiences have included a massage therapist whose touch was so light I couldn’t even feel it, to an overly-enthusiastic therapist who left me with bruises and another therapist who kept me waiting for my booking for over an hour. After seeing Louise at Massage Central I am now a massage convert! Louise’s professional and skilful touch is just perfect to soothe away body aches and pains and maintain optimum health and mobility. I have tried a number of different massages from Massage Central’s menu and can vouch for each one. I now look forward to my regular massages.  There is simply no better masseuse than Louise on the Sunshine Coast.

— Tina

As I have aged I have tended to accept aches and pains as normal. Then I contacted Louise of Massage Central in Caloundra and the result is amazing. My balance has improved, I can now walk up the stairs rather than hobble and my aches and pains are now very minor. I feel great

— Del

I feel so fortunate to have found Louise from Massage Central. Not only is she a fabulous and considerate massage therapist but she also genuinely is interested in my well being. Makes you feel very cared for. Total recommendation

— Teddy

We have been having regular massages with Louise for the past few months and what wonderful experiences they have been. Louise is a kind and caring lady who makes you feel very special while providing a professional service in a warm and inviting environment. Her deep tissue massages are amazing with knotted muscles and aches and pains expertly relieved and is something that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. We always leave feeling rejuvenated and on top of the world, and highly recommend the expertise, professional and friendly service that Louise provides.

— George & Dot

A massage is a very personal experience that requires empathy between the two parties. Having enjoyed regular massages for more than 50 years, I am able to state with some authority and experience that Louise O’Brien is absolutely at the top of her chosen career. She has excellent “touch” and is able to identify and work on areas that require special attention. She amazes me that she is able to recall muscles that required special attention the previous session and knows instinctively those areas which have become more relaxed or have lost their “tightness.” She is able to adjust her pressure on the body as desired by individual clients. It is my understanding that Louise’s qualifications have been recognised by the major health funds, which means rebates may apply – a further evidence of her acceptance as a professional. It is with utmost confidence I can recommend Louise and I rate her highly – prompt, pleasant, and professional.

— Charles H Wilson OAM

Thank you again for the fantastic massage. You are very gifted.

— Carolyn

We have been having regular massages by Louise for over a year, and they have become an important part of our health routine. Louise seems to know just how hard to press to fix a sore shoulder or back, so we would strongly recommend anyone contemplating a massage to give Louise a ring.

— Sheila & Rob

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I have been having regular massages with Lou for over a year. I am really impressed with her massages. She knows where the aches and pains are and skillfully makes them disappear. She is not only a great therapist , she is also a wonderful caring person who nurtures you from the moment she sees you until she leaves. She also has called me after a particularly ‘difficult’ massage to see how I was going. I have recommended her to friends and family and I will continue to do so.

— Aimee

I have received several treatments from Louise over the past months with excellent results. I travel regularly throughout Asia (Thailand) and have had many different forms of treatment for my ongoing back, leg sciatic pain. However, many have not been successful whereas Louise has given me relief where many other haven’t. I can’t recommend Louise enough. You truly must try her treatment. You will be extremely surprised, pleased and definitely relieved with a feeling of relaxation that only one can imagine.

— C Gray

Relaxing over the Christmas 2011 holidays after a busy year – mentally preparing for the next, we found that regular massage with Louise from Massage Central an essential ingredient. Louise came to our holiday home and delivered an individual approach to each of our family members from strong therapeutic to relaxing massage – it was all first class. Booked in already for next year

— The Josae Family

I have been receiving regular massage treatment for migraine, and back pain for over 12 months. Louise has a gift for always getting to the heart of my problem areas during my treatment. She is very professional and her room is clean and inviting making the hour massage go swiftly. I come away with a feeling of complete relaxation. Her technique helps to unkink knotted muscles and helps reduce any stress in my body. I feel wonderful… Thanks Louise.

— K Mullane

Louise is very very good at what she does. Having lived in Asia for 10 years, I was fortunate to experience many types of massage from blind masseuse centers in Hong Kong, Thai massages in Thailand, local spas in Macau, to massages at award winning spas in leading hotels across Asia, and I will have to say that Louise is one of, if not, the best. Her massage methodology provides for a very effective lymphatic drain and deep tissue massage as well. It is like having 2 massages in one, and is so relaxing, therapeutic and medicinal. Besides that she is a really nice person too. Book 1.5 hours if you can – you will not regret it!

— Dotty B

My massage with Louise was one of the best therapeutic massages I have had. She was responsive to my needs after a thorough discussion and reactive throughout the massage. Louise explained all that she was doing making me feel very comfortable and clearly told me what to expect post massage. She sought regular feedback to ensure that I was coping and adjusted her pressure and approach as necessary. I will certainly become a regular client and look forward to reaping the benefits of regular massage with someone who is obviously very knowledgeable and skilled. Thank you Louise

— Rachel W

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Dear Louise All I can say is Wow! That was the best massage I have ever had. I felt totally comfortable and at ease. Afterwards I was floating and felt very relaxed. The after effects kept going as the day went on. My skin was flowing, my head was clear, my body was floating. I felt amazing and still do a week on. If you haven’t had a massage from Louise you are missing out. If you don’t feel great after a massage with her, I will give you your money back! Can’t wait until the next time.

— Brooke

I made appointment with Massage Central, when my body felt like a 90 year old not a 47 year old. I was suffering from ostioarthritis in my neck and the lower back region, along with this my right leg was aching constantly. I also had a lot of stress around me in my personal and professional life. I booked in for a massage with Louise after a 6 week treatment at a local pysio. I found after Louise’s massage I felt less tense in my neck and shoulders and a small relief in leg and lower back. I booked in for a second massage a week later, and felt another improvement again. I have been back for 4 appointments now and although I am still in some pain Louise’s magic hands have done amazing things in helping my body recover and relax. I would recommend Louise’s massages to anyone that needs that extra special touch in reviving there body. She was fantastic, a rare gem you don’t come across too often

— Tracey

We were up here for six days at the beginning of Winter and found Massage Central from a Google search. Louise was very in touch with the needs of the body (she found all the right spots!). Not only that but she could come to our holiday accommodation and with her introductory special at $75 dollars for 90 minutes it was good value. Happily recommend her service to you. Along with our beach walks at late afternoon, we’ll take away our massage as another memory of our Winter break at Sunshine Beach

— Tony

Louise gave me the best massage I have ever had! I tried desperately to find fault, but could not. Afterwards, I was so relaxed and slept like a baby that night. The only thing I would say is clear your diary after your massage, take full advantage of the bliss lavished upon you…

— Aishah

When Louise gave me a deep tissue massage I couldn’t believe how effective it was. Her lovely soft hands used just the right amount of pressure and her consideration for my comfort and pain levels throughout was exceptional. I felt very safe and able to relax as she worked through my various areas of pain and the whole time I could feel she was extremely attentive to my needs and desires to get healthy. Louise worked very hard on me and I definitely felt like I received excellent value for money. I felt extra special when Louise checked in on me the next day and answered all of my questions. The whole experience was fabulous! I believe she is a natural healer and I would happily recommend her to anyone.

— Jason

Louise certainly has the midas touch as far as my body is concerned. Her deep tissue massage was both intense and invigorating. I felt thoroughly re-energised after she had worked her magic. Throughout the massage she was informative and professional, and the level of service and care she showed both before, during and after was second to none. A massage with Louise should be on everyone’s to do list.

— Helen

Thank you so much for yesterday’s most delightful and highly relaxing massage. The angelic music you chose, the wonderful oils you used, and of course your fabulous massage still had me spaced out this morning. Thank you!

— Jurgen

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Wow… I have been ‘floating’ all day since my massage with Louise this morning… and my posture has improved tenfold… from just one massage! It is such a blessing to find a massage therapist that is so attentive, professional, yet personable, and who has both the knowledge and the natural ability to pinpoint the trouble spots that require attention. In addition, I was so comfortable in Louise’s presence and, being a fairly self-conscious person, this was such a bonus. I am so looking forward to my next massage. Thank you so much Louise!

— Fiona

Ever since I was a teenager I have put up with a sore neck and the occasional stiff and sore back. Yes I was like most kids my age, I actively pursued sports and gave my body a good working over. Now I am a middle aged man and finding those same pains that plagued me since youth are still there. Recently I discovered Massage Central and the impact has been nothing short of incredible. Reduced pain, increased mobility, and I am feeling like a youth again. Thank you Louise

— Carl

Louise talked me through the whole process and checked I was okay. Her voice was very calming and gentle. The pressure was good, and even though the pressure was at times painful in my leg, I felt a lot of tension had been released. I felt really relaxed and sleepy afterwards. It was a very different massage to the relaxation massages I’ve ever had, and I really noticed the difference in my body. I was definitely more relaxed and satisfied after Louise’s massage than any other massage in the past.

— Kylie

I recently experienced a treatment from Massage Central and found it to be an amazing experience. Although my main problem was in my shoulder, my whole body was worked on including the release of the muscles around my shoulder. Two days later my pain had completely gone and has stayed that way even though my treatment was several weeks ago. I highly recommend Massage Central and look forward to my next treatment.

— Daniel

I have reveled in several of Louise’s massages to date and am impressed with the professionalism with which she conducts them. She is readily able to identify trouble spots and iron them out, leaving me with that floating feeling for hours afterwards. I am now a regular customer. Thanks Louise.

— Anne

Dear Massage Central, I’m delighted to confirm that my wife and I are feeling wonderful after your in-house massage on us both. Your muscular skeletal massage technique certainly seeks out and treats tender areas and generally rejuvenates the entire body. We would be delighted to recommend your service to all of our friends.

— David

I came to Massage Central initially with a sore back caused by some physical exertion. Even walking became most uncomfortable. Louise showed a good understanding of my symptoms and provided an excellent massage. I got immediate relief from that treatment and Louise even followed that up with a phone call the next day to see how I was feeling. Well needless to say I was so impressed with that outcome that I have been a regular ever since. Prior to these treatments I would regularly suffer some form of back-ache or another, but am very happy to say I have not done so since. Louise conducts a very professional massage, always taking care to make sure the client is comfortable, even pampering them to some extent. I highly recommend Massage Central, and am happy to take calls in this regard

— Colin

Having experienced other options of treatments for degenerative Arthritis over the last five years with little lasting relief, I am delighted to recommend the strong, caring hands of Louise of Massage Central

— Mark

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