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The Benefits of Having a Regular Massage

Most of us have a massage as an occasional treat or as part of a spa visit. It’s a nice thing to do once in a while, but it’s not essential for our wellbeing… It seems however, that a regular massage can in fact contribute to our long-term emotional and physical health, and here’s how.

It undoes the harm that too much sitting can do

Many of us, especially if we’re desk workers, are suffering from postural stress from maintaining an unnatural position for eight or more hours a day. This stress often shows up as neck and shoulder ache, as well as lower back and gluteal muscle problems.

A regular deep massage can help to re-set your body’s desk-related imbalance, so if you find you’re getting uncomfortable after work, you know what to do.

Massage can ease muscle pain

If you regularly have sore or tight muscles, maybe due to a heavy job or exercise regime, or even due to a medical condition, then a regular massage can help to relieve the discomfort. It won’t cure chronic conditions, but massage can certainly make life easier and offer breaks for people suffering from long-term discomfort.

It can ease depression and anxiety

As mammals, we need touch to grow and to stay healthy. Even if we’re in good shape it helps to keep us that way. If we’re ill, anxious or depressed, then massage can help to reduce these feelings. Cancer patients have reported feeling less scared and angry after regular massages, for example.

Massage can help you to sleep

If you have difficulty sleeping for any reason then a massage can help your body and mind relax, promoting deeper sleep. If someone is in pain or undergoing difficult medical treatment like chemotherapy, then massage can add another layer of comfort and relaxation even if there’s no guarantee of a good night’s sleep.

Massage is thought to improve immunity

More research is needed, of course, but it seems that regular massage can increase the numbers of white blood cells in the body. These cells are vital in the defence against pathogens and even cancer cells.

It can reduce the frequency and severity of headaches

If you suffer from regular headaches, especially if they’re caused by tension, then a regular massage can help, even after a headache has started.




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