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The Benefits of Massage, Less Pain, More Mobility

The benefits of massage are many and the reasons why people come to Massage Central vary from rye neck, strained muscles after a work out, poor posture, poor mobility, suffering from depression, anxiety and stress or just generally aching and suffering from chronic pain over months or even years.


Many people are suffering from chronic stress and don’t realise the affect it is having on their body.  Stress is often internalised and the impact this has on the body goes unnoticed until the muscles finally start to cramp up or that constant nagging pain in your neck, shoulders, back, gluts or other body part that you are holding so tight finally wears you down.


The majority of us are on the go for longer managing work, children, family time and everything in between.  We feel the need to squeeze as much into our day as possible, many find it difficult to say ‘no’ and take on more than they really desire,  leading to an overwhelming sense of not being able to cope with even the smallest detail without stress.  Stress increases our cortisol and adrenaline and too much of both is exhausting and may contribute to ill heath and weight gain. Massage will help to lengthen and relax the tight bound up muscles, release metabolic waste and encourage fresh blood flow to muscles and surrounding tissue.  Massage induces a state of wellbeing due to the increased serotonin (happy hormone) and reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone).  Massage also increases mobility and flexibility allowing you greater freedom of movement with less pain.  It never ceases to surprise me how many folk turn their entire body to look at something rather than just rotating their neck! I hear clients say “I just don’t have the time for massage” but once they make the time they wonder why they put it off for so long.  There is always time in the day to do something important for yourself and the reality is if you look after you first, you are then in a much better position to look after your loved ones with a much happier and healthier attitude.
Do you have aches and pains

Massage helps to Relieve Pain

Many of Massage Central clients in Caloundra choose to make massage a regular part of their lives. They invest in the concept of maintaining good health by having a monthly or fortnightly massage and focus on the principle of prevention is better than cure. The routine of massage is an investment in yourself, an investment that will pay immense dividends over the long term. The chances are that no matter what physical or mental state you find yourself in, you will greatly benefit. Even the fittest, healthiest and most calm people who come for a massage get great benefit and will often tell you that they incorporate massage as part of their regular wellness routine to stay that way.  Massage works in more ways than you know.Facebookmail




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