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What To Expect From Your Massage

What To Expect From Your Massage

Know what to expect from your massage before commencing.  Massage is a wonderful way to relax the mind and body from the many woes and stresses we are placed under in today’s society. As time is very precious it is extremely important that you know what it expect from your massage so that you can advise your therapist of your needs, likes, wants and dislikes.  
Know what it is you want from your massage.

Know what it is you want from your massage

For example, are you looking to have your muscles worked and to feel relaxed at the end of the massage or are you just looking for a pure relaxation experience without any discomfort.   Also it is important that you express to your therapist if the pressure is either not enough or too much. In either case it is very important that you are honest so that you can get the most of your massage. The therapist can feel the quality of your muscles and but unless you are expressing signs of enjoyment or discomfort they won’t necessary know if they are delivering what is it you seek. A good therapist will always check in with you and invite you to ask for more or less pressure.   As a therapist I am always guided by my clients when it comes to chatting or being silent. Every client is different and some love to natter and others just need silence. If your therapist is chatting away and you need peace and quiet to relax don’t be embarrassed to say so. Your therapist will appreciate your honesty.   It’s also important to understand that a massage is working on your immune system and it is not unusual to have what is coined as a ‘healing crises’ especially after the first one or two massages.   When muscles have become bound up, the muscles cannot release their metabolic waste.  When the muscles are released this allows the waste to be removed and for fresh blood flow to deliver much needed nutrients to the muscle. A ‘healing crises’ is basically your body detoxing.   You may be headachy, lethargic, muscle sore, run down and generally feel that you have been bowled over by a train. This is normal and may last for up to 2 days but each day should get easier. On the third day I find that most clients are really enjoying the benefits of the massage.   Those clients who come on a regular monthly basis enjoy a great massage without the ‘healing crises’ affect as their body has become used to the treatment.   Many clients ask how often should they come for treatment. This differs for everyone depending on time, money and need however I find that a cycle of monthly to 6 weekly works really well for most clients.   It is preferable that you seek out a therapist who is registered with an association.  This way you know they have been properly trained, work to a professional standard, abide by a code of ethics and are also insured. Check this link out for my association’s code of ethics   If you are in Caloundra and would love a great massage you can book online with Louise of Massage Central at      Facebookmail



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