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Why Have a Regular Massage?

Why Have a Regular Massage?

For many, a massage is a once-a-year treat during a spa visit, or a gift from a friend, maybe, but in reality, everyone would benefit from rather more frequent massages – at least once a month or more, ideally. Why is this? Let’s find out.

To ease postural stress

Most people have some kind of postural stress going on from their lifestyle or job – sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day, or from hard manual work. This stress often accumulates in the shoulders and neck, especially for office workers, and some people develop pain and muscle weakness in their lower back and their gluteals (butt muscles) from maintaining an out-of-balance posture.

Thankfully, massage can help to correct this in the long-term, as well as providing relief in the short-term.

To ease muscle pain

Muscle pain can often be caused by tiny injuries to the fibres that heal in a haphazard way. Massage can help to set the fibres back into the right alignment, as well as improve blood flow to the muscles, promoting faster healing.

To balance emotions

As mammals, humans of all ages need regular touch and contact, especially if the massage is conducted in a safe environment by a trained professional. Massage has been shown to make cancer patients feel less angry and fearful, and it’s also useful for adolescents who are feeling depressed and stressed along with other conditions such as Bi-polar and Depression.

To promote sleep

A massage can help people to get to sleep more easily, as well as relax people who have difficulty unwinding. It’s especially good for young babies, as infants who receive regular massages tend to sleep more and cry less – a new parent’s dream!

To strengthen the immune system

The research is still in its early days, but there’s strong evidence to suggest that massage helps to strengthen the immune system. Regular massage increases the number of white blood cells – the cells needed to combat infection – which makes people more resistant to bugs and other ailments.




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